F.E.E.D. started in 2000 in the home Jake and Esther Jordan who believed in the importance of providing not just any food, but quality food to the needy. The effort began with a few donations of healthy food options (including organic and gluten-free) from friends and small organizations that were then passed on to individuals in need.

Soon, the word got out about F.E.E.D. and caught the interest of some big companies and they secured their first major donating partner, Whole Foods Market. Esther and Jake were elated. The success of the program instantly doubled their supply fueled by the demand for quality food for those in need. After her husbands passing in 2007, Esther and her children continued on with faith in their hearts and the support of their community and partners.

Now, F.E.E.D. provides healthy, organic, and gluten-free food to more than 450 families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.   We receive weekly donations from our partners at MOMs Organic Market, Whole Foods Market, Halalco, Carribbean Crescent and, of course, our generous independent donations from people like you, where it all started. 

Each Wednesday, boxes of healthy foods, valued at between $80-$100, are delivered to needy families to fight hunger and provide otherwise non-existent access to healthy food options. The contents include:

  • Fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Meat,  
  • Canned goods
  • and a variety of bulk items such as grains, seeds, and beans.

The maintenance of this remarkable operation has been made possible by donations from individuals just like you. We thank you!

F.E.E.D. is an affiliate of the 501c3 approved organization, ABSYNA, Inc., an organization dedicated to community service in the MD, DC, and VA area.